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Hello, my name is Arthur. You can find my games on itch.io and DriveThruRPG. If you want to see more games being made, consider supporting my Patreon. The blog below contains my musings on tabletop RPG, and is irregularly updated.


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Game Jams

I paid money for domain and hosting, yet I have been neglecting this website. Maybe I should start a Patreon creator account and write my blog posts over there instead. That way, I would be earning money instead of losing it. Anyway, I have not been posting on my blog because I had been participating in game jams (and posting on Twitter). I am going to go through the games I have designed in the past few months for various game jams. Swansong of Blood and Tears is designed for Emotional Mecha Jam. It is a Dread-hack inspired by mecha anime where the protagonists have a last-ditch attempt to bring down the big bad. In those stories, the protagonists would fall one by one, making heroic sacrif


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