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Hello, my name is Arthur. You can find my games on itch.io and DriveThruRPG. If you want to see more games being made, consider supporting my Patreon. The blog below contains my musings on tabletop RPG, and is irregularly updated.


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The Sol Survivor Playtest Report

A huge thanks to Alex, Charlie, Joanna, Michał and Rhys for play-testing THE SOL SURVIVOR with me. Once upon a time, there was a horrible drought when the ten suns were in the sky. An overzealous archer shot all of them down and plunged the world into eternal twilight. We played as the last sun on earth, trying to reach the heavens before it was too late. Our sun’s name was Nigel, and he looked like a puffed up Morgan Freeman. Ever since he fell from the heavens, he had been experiencing an insatiable thirst. Nigel believed that, by finding the deepest ocean and drinking from it, his thirst would be satiated, giving him the power to rise back up into the sky. In our journey, we made friends


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