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Hello, my name is Arthur. You can find my games on itch.io and DriveThruRPG. If you want to see more games being made, consider supporting my Patreon. The blog below contains my musings on tabletop RPG, and is irregularly updated.


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Mall Zombies play report

Last month, I released Mall Zombies on itch.io, a mini-RPG on scavenging supplies in a shopping mall during a zombie apocalypse, which doubles as a satire on police brutality. It is a storytelling game for 1-5 players, requiring a deck of poker cards and writing materials. Today, I managed to test the game, and here is the play report. There are two sides to this game; side A being about scavenging supplies in a mall during the zombie apocalypse, and side B being protesting at a mall in a police state. For today's game, I picked side A. The more scavengers you have, the better the odds you are going to make out with the scavenged supplies. To give the colony a better chance, I played three s


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