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Hello, my name is Arthur. You can find my games on itch.io and DriveThruRPG. If you want to see more games being made, consider supporting my Patreon. The blog below contains my musings on tabletop RPG, and is irregularly updated.


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Taels of the Heisty Vixens Artworks

Here is another compilation of tweets that I have previously posted on Twitter. You can get Taels of the Heisty Vixens here: https://aryl-ether.itch.io/taels-of-the-heisty-vixens. It is free to claim until 19th of June, 2020. I am going to talk about the three (out of six) archetypes in TAELS OF THE HEISTY VIXENS which Chan Mandy (@4threset) did the artwork for. My inspirations for them come from a combination of fox spirit folklore, Chinese cinema, and roles in a heist crew. Some fox spirits possess healing magic. In one story, a fox spirit disgorged a red bolus to revive a dying person, and I've made it into a playbook move for the Medicinalist. This archetype is also based on Chinese medi

Secret Texts of the Martial Jungle Design Notes

Previously, I have host the Asian Martial Arts by Asian Creators Game Jam with Sam (@BabblegumSam) and Pammu (@TheDovetailor). My submission for the jam is Secret Texts of the Martial Jungle, a #SwordDream-adjacent wuxia TTRPG. Here are some design notes that I initially posted on Twitter. I attempted to mash together elements of traditional RPGs and ideas of story games. Martial arts in wuxia novels are often separated into the "inner techniques" (內功) and the "outer techniques" (外功), and are made into the Chi and Body stats in my game. The Agility stat is based on 輕功, techniques which allows the user to run on rooftops and walk on water. In wuxia stories, many protagonists are fast learners


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