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Not too long ago, I submitted an entry to 200 Word RPG challenge, Turning Toothbrush into Tentacles. I had the idea of turning it into a longer game, and I wanted a place to share my progress on it and my thoughts on tabletop RPG, which is why I started this website/blog.

Tabletop RPG combines two of my passions; gaming and storytelling. I have been playing video games since I was a little kid, but I have only started getting into table top gaming in the recent years. As much as I was fascinated by the clever mechanics that board games employ, I wanted something thematic and tells a story. There are many great thematic board games out there, but I still wanted something more. Just over a year ago, I joined my local gaming store's D&D Adventurers League and it seemed to be what I was looking for. I created my own unique adventurer and I could do whatever I wanted in the adventure. Not too long afterwards, I started running a game as the dungeon master, which I enjoyed even more than as a player. At the same time, I was exploring other RPG systems which offer even greater narrative freedom than D&D.

I love stories, but then who doesn't? When I was young, I love watching TV shows and reading novels with sci-fi/fantasy elements and bigger than life heroes. In school, my teacher expected me to write about a picnic, but instead I wrote about giant robots and monsters ruining a picnic. During my university years, I mainly read non-fiction instead of fiction books. But then one day, I was looking at DNA and amino acid sequences, and I thought to myself that genome/proteome is kinda like a novel. Stories are not that different to life, and I wanted to create my own. I started reading fiction again, and tried to write my own novel. Well, everything I wrote was crap and they will forever stay at the bottom of my Dropbox.

That brings me back to role-playing games. RPGs are collaborative storytelling experiences, and we can tell stories as a group that we cannot tell individually. Twists and turns in the plot, unexpected betrayals and alliances all come naturally at the table. I want to create my own RPG, which hopefully will help others to tell stories of their own.

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