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Turning Toothbrush into Tentacles Basic Rules v0.1

I have written up the basic rules for Turning Toothbrush into Tentacles. Click here for the pdf file.

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, the dice system involves rolling the dice pool, with the result equals to the highest number (like Blades in the Dark). Using a character's power allows one of the d6s to be upgraded to a d8, and the power spreads uncontrollably when 1 is rolled on the d8.

Since I want the game to be picked up and run easily, I have limited to 5+1 basic moves. The sixth basic move Stay Awesome is universal, and should be used when there are no other appropriate moves.

Player characters can take three injures before they are removed from the game, and they can use Badass Points to shrug off an injury. In a pure mechanical standpoint, everyone has six "hit points", but half of those can be expended for re-rolls (with a bonus die). Player characters can choose to push themselves for (a high chance of) success now, but risk getting seriously injured later.

I am still coming up with ideas for playbooks. At the moment, I am thinking of using archetypes from anime and comics. For example, the spiky hair shonen protagonist and the hero with a tragic backstory who is brooding all the time. They will be archetypes that focus on the characters' personalities rather than what they do.

It is not like anyone reads my blog, but if you do, feel free to leave comments about the basic rules. If the website's comment section does not work for you, you can reach me on Twitter @Aryl_Ether.

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