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The Sol Survivor Playtest Report

A huge thanks to Alex, Charlie, Joanna, Michał and Rhys for play-testing THE SOL SURVIVOR with me. Once upon a time, there was a horrible drought when the ten suns were in the sky. An overzealous archer shot all of them down and plunged the world into eternal twilight. We played as the last sun on earth, trying to reach the heavens before it was too late. Our sun’s name was Nigel, and he looked like a puffed up Morgan Freeman. Ever since he fell from the heavens, he had been experiencing an insatiable thirst. Nigel believed that, by finding the deepest ocean and drinking from it, his thirst would be satiated, giving him the power to rise back up into the sky.

In our journey, we made friends with a merchant/smuggler, a vegan arachne, a tea-lovng fox spirit, a bone dragon, and ox-head the agent of hell. Unfortunately, we failed our quest and Nigel drowned in the sea.

Detailed recap:

We decided that Nigel had landed on one of the mountains, and by following the river, he would eventually reach the sea and find its deepest point. At the start of our journey, we met a merchant/smuggler who taught us which of the berries were safe to eat. The merchant saw Nigel’s colourful robes (in a world devoid of light and colour), and decided to join our journey. On our way to the river, we met some friendly skeletons and rescued a peasant from the forest fire.

While travelling along the river, beings made of shadows started pursuing us, but a friendly vegan arachne came to the rescue by pulling us up to her webs. Now up to a group of three, we continued our journey downstream, and came across a fox spirit’s tea party. She told us that we would be safe from the shadows if we stay on her blankets. While Nigel and the arachne joined the tea party, the merchant panicked and wandered off, never to be seen again.

The next day (Nigel seemed to grow brighter in the morning), the shadows were gone and we marched on with our new vulpine companion further along the river. That’s when we came across a huge skull that belonged to a dragon, and they asked us to recover the rest of their bones so they could be whole again. After some searching and a brief scuffle with a group of bandits, we found all the bones and stuck it back together with the arachne’s web.

With the help of a flying bone dragon, the journey to reach the sea became a breeze, but not before we were stopped by the ox-head, an agent of hell who wanted to claim the soul of the dragon, and a mystic who wanted to capture and experiment on Nigel. We convinced the ox-head of our quest to save all lives (without the living, there will not be a fresh supplies of souls to hell), and tricked the mystic into drinking his own poison. With the mystic unconscious, we went around his residence and found all sorts of treasure, before setting out again for the deepest ocean.

Nigel dove down and swam towards the bottom of the ocean. We recounted our journey, and all the companions we have made along the way. Maybe the purpose of the journey was not to bring light back to earth, but for Nigel to find true friendship, and we have succeeded in that regard.