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Taels of the Heisty Vixens Artworks

Here is another compilation of tweets that I have previously posted on Twitter. You can get Taels of the Heisty Vixens here: https://aryl-ether.itch.io/taels-of-the-heisty-vixens. It is free to claim until 19th of June, 2020.

I am going to talk about the three (out of six) archetypes in TAELS OF THE HEISTY VIXENS which Chan Mandy (@4threset) did the artwork for. My inspirations for them come from a combination of fox spirit folklore, Chinese cinema, and roles in a heist crew.

Some fox spirits possess healing magic. In one story, a fox spirit disgorged a red bolus to revive a dying person, and I've made it into a playbook move for the Medicinalist. This archetype is also based on Chinese medicine, where pulse reading, herbalism & acupuncture are used.

Pugilist is the muscle of the heist crew, and is heavily inspired by martial arts heroes in Chinese cinema. I even named one of the moves Wire-fu. XD

Similar to succubi in western fantasies, fox spirits are well-known charmers. The Glamour archetype reflects it with their supernatural beauty, and their ability to enthral and drain NPCs. (Which also happens to be great skills for a heist.)

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