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Check out these cool entries to #GbtSJam

Guided by the Sun Jam is now over. A big thanks to those who took part, and here are entries to jam. These are some amazing games! (This is a compilation of tweets I made earlier.)

REGAIN YOUR STARLIGHT by Lampara is a Guided by the Sun game inspired by Philippine folklore, where you play as a lost star trying to regain your wings.

THE LLAMA AND THE FARMER by Mitchell Salmon is inspired by The Emperor's New Groove. The ruler of a far-away kingdom has been turned into a talking animal! With the help of a peasant, they try to find a way back to the palace and regain their human form.

In WUNDERKAMMER by Max Burkhardt, you play as deities who can influence the world via powerful artifacts. Each game follows an artifact, as it journeys across the world to fulfil its destiny.

LOST ONE'S STORY by Floofi is a game inspired by Vocaloid songs. You play as a student in their last year of high school, trying to find meaning and be a better person.

In THE FLIGHT OF THE DICKCISSEL by Jane Hermiston, you play as a migratory dickcissel, who will meet many interesting characters in their southward journey.

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